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11:32 p.m. - 2005-03-28
Busters new home
Well, i can successfully say that Mikie and Enya have a new baby brother! They took to him extreamly well, mikie saw him as a new toy, and when he fell asleep on thew living room carpet, mikie watched in dissapointment, wanting us to "wind up" his new toy again. Ive never seen him so excited in years, and he even wanted to play with him, and share his toys, and was happy to see him drink out of his dish. These where all major concerns, as american cocker spanials are known for jeliousy.

Mikie adores buster, and enya took to him very well. We all expected her to hiss then hid out for a week, like she does with every new change. But, i brought her out from the comforts of my bed, (yes, ive been spoiling her the last few nights and leaving my door open) she peered at buster like a gothic statue, then curled up on a chair, lounged out and went to sleep. I think that means she is getting old.

Its amazing how much i feel like we have adopted a baby. Its as if we added to our family, after the eight year old and four year old, we brought a new member into our happy family. We didnt look for buster, he needed a home and we opened again our hearts and our house to the six week old half husky, half akita. I didnt know how we where all going to react with this new addition to what we thought was a complete family, but i can tell you, its only been two hours and i already love him just as much as mikie and enya. heres a pic:


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