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9:08 p.m. - 2005-03-25
\"I screamed, and instantly ran mad\" - mansfield park (the movie)
OMG! I cant believe how long diaryland has been offline! I have so much to tell everyone!!!

Ok, well, news first, my sister is a hairstylist, and is now about to take over ownership on her own salon! her last day at the mall was today, and she starts her new job, and will be her own boss on monday! Cool isnt it? So now i will be refering to it as "THE salon" :):):):)

Its easter in a couple days. We ended up having quite a few people say they where comming. I got PEEPS tableware, designware (i work in the outlet store) licenced it for easter, and they r SO cool! So if you go into walmart this weekend, buy the peeps tableware, and a box of every color peep, and you can even get peep baskets and cards :)

We r getting a puppy. he is a mix with husky and akita, so he is gonna be REALLY big in a couple months, lol. we get him on monday night, ill tell you guys how mikey(8 yr. old spanial) and enya (4 yr. old attack kitty) did with the welcoming.

Work is killer! the snow is gone, that means customers. we are averagine almost 2 grand a day, and last month some times we would even do 600, and of course, theres only three people to run the whole store...... Last night i crashed on the couch for four houres after work, then woke up and went to bed, slept till morning. its taking everything out of me.

Lets see, more news...

I finished mansfield park, and, omg, the movie was so much better. Im a HUGE jane austin fan, and i can watch 6 hours of pride and prejudice every day if i had timer, but this book was aweful. it was like a soap, every minute detail was drawn out, except the last chapter, which gave a s much information in 6 pages as half the reast of the book did. So, i started northanger abbey, its getting really good, lots of gallantry and misunderstandings, really hard to put the book down. But,. ive got to take something to work to read, i have an hour lunch everyday, so i have to do something, lol.

what else.... hhmmm.... Oh well, you already know i finally got the internet working in my room, cristal clear reception. found my webcam and hooked it up, dont know if i will ever use it tho lol. I had a few more things to say but i cant think of anything important right now, so, i guess thats it!!



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