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6:16 p.m. - 2006-05-09
\"You don't look pregnant\"
I had just shorter than shoulder lenth hair for years. I loved it.

Erik likes long hair. What is it about men liking long hair better? I know women who just let their hair grow and don't cut it, and its all nasty looking, with tons of split ends and no help whatsoever to their looks. It was fine with skinny little princesses back in those days who went around doing nothing but riding horses and walking around their castles. But ya know what? Long hair made my hair flat, made me look 5 years younger, made everyone give me suspitious glances when I said Erik and I where married.

It was halfway down my back. The other day I had it cut. My shoulders can breathe again, and they say, "thanks."

I went to see my brother and sister in law the other day. She kinda looked at me sideways and said "um, so when are you gonna start showing?"

I'm 20 weeks pregnant. You can't even tell. The only reason I have to wear maternity pants is because my lower stomache is filled out. Now the part of my belly that was a little chubby, that I use to be able to just easily squeeze into my jeans, is slightly pouched out. Not enough for people to realize I'm pregnant, but JUST enough so I cant wear my old clothes anymore.

I'm a little dissapointed.

Ok, more than a little.

I don't even feel pregnant. Yes, I cant be out in the sun without getting dizzy, I cant go for more than 10 minutes in a car without getting sick, I've started having round ligament pain at night, and my little girl is proving herself to be interested in the fine sport of gymnastics. But I sure as heck dont look pregnant.

I'm due sept. 25th. I feel like I just got pregnant, like everything we have to plan on and buy is still so far away.

Oh well, at least I won't get stretch marks.


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