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1:32 a.m. - 2005-05-26
So Complicated
We have two parts of the store. The first line stuff, which is ordered from the company, is the first part. We pay full price for this stuff, so the customers have to pay full price. Its nice if we have everything they want in the Obselete except a few things they have to pay full price for, cause its easyer than going out to yet another party store.

Then, we have our OBS section, which has stuff thats gone out of the line, misprinted, or returned. This stuff is great, and always on sale. Most people just get that stuff, spend almost nothing, and leave happy.

Except for this one redheaded lady. Made me so mad. Gets a basket, fills it full of NOTHING but 1st line sesame st. birthday, and brings it up to the register. It came up to 49 dollars. So she looks at me, looks at the bag, picks up her purse, TILTS HER FREAKING HEAD TO ONE SIDE, looks back at me and says, "Well, for that price, I'll go to a regular store." And then scoffs at me and walks out. IN FRONT OF 50 CUSTOMERS I HAVENT WRUNG UP YET. So, everyone that was in line in back of her proceeds to check there reciepts to see if i've overcharged them.

I've been there a year and a half. I know all the pricing by heart. The boss asks me for help everytime she gets on the other register. People call me on the radio to ask for pricing, and I can tell them in the drop of a hat. This is the one skill I have and I am darn proud of it. And they have the nerve to think I charged them wrong?!?!?!

Sue came in the other day. I showed her a keychain I bought that says, "Quit fooling around and make your move." This was ment for Erik. She asked me something along the lines of "do you want me to talk to him?" I knew what that ment, I knew what she would say. She'd tell him to open his eyes and look around. That I love him more than anything and its tearing me up inside that he doesn't love me. Without one seconds hesitation, I said, "Yes." I looked her strait in the eyes and said it, and I ment it, too. I wanted him to find out, I wanted him to know.

Of course, 5 seconds later I told her "No." Because I still don't want anything to come between us. I've lost guy friends who I've told my feeling to, and always regretted it.

The thing I want more than anything in the world, and the last thing I want to happen, is for him to find out.


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