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2:29 a.m. - 2005-05-09
Mothers day weekend
what a weekend!!!!!!!

Ok, first off, i worked saterday, but its ok cause erik has to work every saterday too, same time as me. Then he was going to come with me my mom and sis garage saling (that boy could outshop any woman alive.) But he called right after i got home to say he might not be able to make it. My heart sank into a little puddle. that was the first of two times that day i wanted to crawl into a little whole and die.

He ended up making it over, and my sister in law and her two wonderful children came along, that was a very cool suprize :) So we all (me, shannon and erik) squeezed into the back of shellys van which was a wee bit tight but very enjoyable since i was comfortably squished next to erik who i desperatly wanted to wrap my arms around. Then we made it up to westage hill which is a massive community where they have one big yardsale that lasts one weekend each year.

I've never met a guy who shared my passion for garage saling who wasnt gay. The whole time i thought i was gonna start seing him as a woman but at one particular time i dont think ive ever seen him more manly. It was towards the end, when he got little becca to come out of the van by holding his arms out to her. They he carried her all the way across the street. I instantly thought of him holding our child like that, and it make my stomach turn upside down. I wanted put my arms around him right there in the middle of the street and kiss him.

But, every single person who has ever known me, knows i didnt do that.

Thankfully my mom asked him for dinner, and he accepted, which assured us, (ok, me) of several more hours of his delicious company. Once we got home and unloaded we all sat around the living room talking to different people, and thirty seconds after we had a flirtatious tickle fight in the kitchen, someone called him, and he went outside to take the call. I watched him walk and intantly my mind went to 'hes talking to a girl.' this was the second almost heartbreak, and thankfully this one was as short lived as the first, because he told us he was talking to a buddy he used to work with. an hour later the most amazing thing happened, something i didnt think i would ever see. Three different times i caught him staring at me with this strange, far away, 'i really like her' look in his sexy green eyes. It may have been more than three times, but if i had looked at him any more with that look on his face i wouldn't have been able to stop blushing. In fact i think i am now just remembering it.

*insert romantic sigh*

Today was mothers day. There are two kinds of gift givers in the world. There are the types that can buy highly coveted gifts months in advance, keep them hidden until the next holiday, and wait patiently for there gift to be opened last. Thats me. Then there are the people who go out and buy a gift, take it home, wrap it immediatly, and then turn around and give it to whomever is receiving the gift, even if the occation is a long time away. Thats shannon. So, needless to say, we gave mom her presents early.

Then we packed up our coolers and headed out to spend the day at the park with my grandparents. it was a wonderful day. It felt like summer and me and shannon laid out a blanket by the pond so we could put our feet in the water. After about 3:30 we all left, and last minute went out to a movie, all four of us. then we came home, made me moms famous grilled bacon cheese burgers and watched movies.

The last one ended at 12:30 and i was very ready for bed when i came out of the twighlight zone, and realized i had to make cupcakes for tomorrows potluck, wash something to wear tomorrow, and have a shower all before bed. The dryer is just now finishing, the cup cakes are frosted, and i think im gonna go take a nice cold shower to cool off from this unusual, yet welcomed warm spring weekend.


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