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2:56 p.m. - 2005-05-05
Random acts of kindness
Erik came over on tuesday. I knew he was gonna be there when i got home from work so i took my makeup, hairspray, and curling iron into work. Everyone was shocked at how different i looked. In the year and a half ive worked there, ive always just rolled out of bed and gone to work, i mean its a dirty gross paper outlet store/factory, so i dont care how i look. I come home everyday covered in dirt and sweat, so im not about to stand in front of the mirror an extra hour every morning to look pretty.

I went into the emergency room last night because ive been coughing for three weeks and its not getting any better. I kept thinking, okay, they are just gonna send me home with a bottle of cough syrup, so why bother? But the doctor was the biggest sweetheart ive ever seen in an emergency room. He came in and shook my hand, then went to the other side of the room to shake my moms hand. He listened to my chest and then put his hand on my shoulder and looked at me with genuine concern in his eyes. He gave me an inhaler to help me breath easyer, even sent someone from the respitory unit to show me how to use it. He gave me a prescription for another inhaler if i needed it and then one for a Z-pack, which is the most fast acting antibiotic ive ever had. I still remember the 5 times a day for 10 days antibiotics, so one a day for five days when you feel 90% better in 24 hours is a dream come true.

They just opened a 24 hour walgreens right across the street from us, they where the only ones with an open pharmacy. They took care of me within 5 minutes. I just kept thinking, wow, this is working out better than if i planned it myself.

So i called in this morning so i wouldnt have to talk to customers and agrivate my cough even more, and the supervisor calls me to say if i dont have a doctors slip im getting written up because this was a mandatory week.

I dont even care. I needed this, i had to get it, otherwise next week is the sale and it would have killed me. They can screw themselves for all i care.

Im so tired of all the drama and emotions and the personal crap going around. Im a firm believer when you go into work to leave it at the door, you go to work to do one thing, WORK. Not to cut up coworkers cause your mad at them or start talking about people behind there backs or trying to get everyone on 'your side.' Go into work, do your job, be polite and respectful to everyone you come in contact with, and then leave. there would be SO much less stress and tention and tears if we could all just stick with that.

Erik is coming over on saterday after work to go tith us to this MASSIVE community garage sale. That boy could outshop anyone on the planet. Hes already seen me with my hair down and curly, and also with the one updo shannon can get my hair to do, so dont know how to show off this time. I guess i just want him to know that i make an effort to look nice for him.I have no idea what to wear. Im working on saterday so i think ill get up early and have shannon do the updo again, then i can go through work and shopping without having to deal with it.

I wonder what he's doing, right now.


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